“12 Minutes to Fitness” Movement Progressions

Create better movers…

The “no equipment required” Movement Progressions are the foundation of the “12 Minutes to Fitness” program. These progressions are designed to help build overall coordination and strength, while enhancing the mind-body connection and reducing the risk of injury. The progression modules can be used for warm-up, cool-down, instant activities, and stations for fitness circuits. Students are given an introductory version of each movement, and also given ways to make the movements more difficult, which allows all students to succeed AND be challenged. The modules begin with lighter, easier movements, and finish with more vigorous activities, which gradually prepares the group for the next portion of the class or practice.

The 8 movement categories were chosen to help the student or athlete become a more proficient “mover”, so they can be more successful at whatever they choose to do. The movement categories are:

  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Prone/side/supine strength
  • Squat or lunge
  • Arm pattern
  • Foot pattern
  • Arm and foot pattern combinations
  • Locomotor movements.

The 12 minute time frame is derived from the approximately 4 minutes it takes to teach the students the moves, and then the 8 minute circuit that can be done immediately afterward. This is only one potential way of using the movement progressions, but it does help in lesson planning, and also in building a consistent class routine.

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The Movement Progression Package includes:

  1. 72 Movement Progression Task Cards
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  3. 8 Category Summary Task Cards
  4. Movement Progression (2) DVD

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