PowR Walk (w/ gold and silver cables)

1-SKW-G   $29.00

Get more out of your walks.

Walk, jog, stride your way to complete fitness! This fun and exciting tool will help your entire group learn fundamental movement in multiple planes of motion. This means they’ll burn calories faster while developing power, strength and aerobic endurance. Use it to enhance training with the Step or BOSU (Both Sides Utilized).

The PowR Walk allows an entire class to warm-up or workout. Just project the PowR Walk 15- or 30-Minute Workout on the gym wall for students to easily follow.

Peak Resistance

Silver Light resistance
Gold Medium resistance

Versatile, portable … and simple.

  • Great for teaching loco motor patterns; improves balance, strength and coordination
  • Set up a Vita Course inside or outside to challenge your students
  • Take your class outside for a fun workout in multiple planes of movement
  • Increase the intensity of walking, burn 30% more calories while getting fit
  • Add resistance to any movement to get a total body workout in a short amount of time

Best when used for:

  • Teaching loco motor patterns
  • Improving balance, strength and coordination
  • Burning calories while walking
  • Warm-up or total body workout

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