Circuit Trainer Circuit Cards

Circuit Trainer Task Cards. (Set of 22 step-by-step cards)

Cards included in this set:

  1. Mirrored Two-Arm Press
  2. Two-Arm Press w/ Partner Press Hold
  3. Opposed Two-Arm Press
  4. Mirrored Alt. Arm Press
  5. Alt. Arm Press w/ Partner Press Hold
  6. Opposed Alt. Arm Press
  7. Mirrored Two-Arm Row
  8. Opposed Two-Arm Row
  9. Two-Arm Row w/ Partner Row Hold
  10. Mirrored Alt. Arm Row
  11. Opposed Alt. Arm Row
  12. Alt. Arm Row w/ Partner Row Hold
  13. Mirrored Arms Out Twist
  14. Mirrored Alt. Giant Circle
  15. Mirrored Crosscut Saw
  16. Opposed Crosscut Saw
  17. Lateral Steps -or- Slide
  18. Forward March -or- Skips
  19. Backward Steps -or- Backpedal
  20. Standing Long Jump w/ Rappel Jump Return
  21. Diagonal Bounds
  22. Sprint Start to Form Run