Body Row Pulling Assessment


The Foundational Fitness Body Row Pulling Assessment™ can be administered throughout the year, allowing the students to chart their growth. With multiple LifeLine® Jungle Gym stations in use, large groups can be assessed simultaneously — test an entire class in less than 10 minutes!

The Jungle Gym clips to a wall-mounted bracket in seconds, making setup and takedown a snap. It is also “self-spotting,” because the intensity of the exercise is changed by adjusting the handles or moving the feet. Not only is the versatile Jungle Gym an excellent tool for building pulling strength with the Body Row Pulling Assessment, it can also be used to develop total body fitness through squats & rows, push-ups, and jump-ups.

Here’s how the Body Row Pulling Assessment works:

  1. Students adjust the handles to the “landmark” height they are currently at (mid-chest, belly button, or mid-thigh). The lower the handles, the higher percentage of body weight the student is pulling.
  2. Begin the Foundational Fitness Body Row Audio CD, which cues students to get into the proper position.
  3. Students follow the cadence of the CD to perform one body row every three seconds, until they are unable to maintain proper form, or until they get to 30 repetitions (which is the maximum at each level). If they max out a level, they “graduate” to the next, lower landmark.

“Graduated” students set handles to lower heights, allowing them to be appropriately challenged. Note the varying body angles of the students in the photo. Handles are set to differentiated levels of challenge.