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Teaching our students how to be fit is our main responsibility.

  • "This training and equipment is changing the way our schools are teaching physical education."

    — Paul Herzog, Woodbury, MN, high school P.E. teacher

  • "I wanted to thank you for a great functional training workshop. People loved the activities and the hands on approach. The day went well beyond my expectations."

    — Eileen DiBattista, Medford, MA, health and P.E. supervisor

  • "The Body Row Pulling Assessment™ is a fun and effective way to measure and develop pulling strength."

    — Cyndie Zocher, Middleton, WI, middle school P.E. teacher

  • "You are AWESOME to work with and I HIGHLY recommend you to everyone I have spoken to regarding our PEP implementation!"

    — Marcia Modaff, Dodgeland, WI, middle school P.E. teacher

  • "This is simple and affordable equipment, but it yields complex fitness results because it integrates all the systems of the body."

    — Greg Thompson, Farmington Hills, MI, elementary P.E. teacher & district coordinator

  • "Great stuff on the DVD! I am so impressed and excited about what you guys offer. I want this stuff done for my kids in their PE class."

    — Rod Holler, Waunakee, WI, elementary P.E. teacher